Brooks Fost


Bill Dey


Senior Scientist:

Mr. Fost has a diversity of experience working with warmwater and coldwater aquatic habitats in lotic and lentic systems in diverse landscapes. His experience includes project management and design, fieldwork and supervision, data management and analysis, and report writing. He has extensive fish identification, ecology, and behavior experience. Mr. Fost has primarily studied the effects of abiotic factors and associated toxicology related to fish behavior. His studies focused on CWA §316(b) regulations pertaining to the identification of moribund fish and technologies that can be used to deter fish impingement at power plant intakes, as well as the influence of abiotic factors on the movements and interactions of brook trout and brown trout. Brooks has managed entrainment survival studies at several power generating facilities, conducted laboratory studies examining degradation of fish eggs and the use of DNA barcoding to identify degraded eggs, and authored several permits and technical documents related to threatened and endangered species. Brooks is proficient in the use of a wide variety of computer data management, analysis, and graphics software including SAS, R, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, GIS, and Word.