Client satisfaction with our business approach and caliber of service
is reflected in our continual return business.
- William Dey Vice President & Cofounder
The quality and integrity of ASA’s work with regulatory agencies is imperative -
the data ASA collects and reports is commonly relied upon for
making regulatory decisions.
- Steve Jinks Principal Scientist & Cofounder

SERVICE AREAS SOUND SCIENCE + EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION ASA provides a wide range of environmental science and engineering services. In addition to ASA’s expertise, we have long standing close working relationships with a number of other highly qualified firms that can provide expertise in the areas that extend beyond our in-house capabilities. Through these relationship, ASA can provide the full range of services need by our clients to permit existing operations or secure approvals for new capital expenditures. DATA COLLECTION & MANAGEMENT AQUATIC AND TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEMS CASE STUDIES :
Our experts design surveys, mapping, and monitoring activities to meet the specific needs of our clients. Key ASA staff are professionally certified in fisheries, wetlands and wildlife biology. ASA negotiates study plans and designs with regulatory agencies with the interest of our clients in mind.

• Habitat & geophysical mapping
• Water & sediment quality sampling
• Macroinvertebrate sampling
• Fish & fisheries
• Plankton sampling
• Threatened & endangered species
• Instream flow analysis (IFIM)
• Hydroacoustics
• Radiotelemetry
• Threatened & endangered species
• Habitat suitability assessments
• Natural resource inventories
• Botanical surveys
• Wildlife surveys
• Invasive species
• Wetland delineations & functional assessments
• Cultural resource investigations & management plans
ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT RISK AND IMPACT ASA has extensive experience in conducting environmental risk and impact assessments in many regulatory venues. Specific services include: water and sediment quality sampling, natural resource inventories, rapid bioassessments, ecotoxicology, ecological risk, fish entrainment & impingement at water intakes & thermal discharges, environmental impact-NEPA, resource damages, ecological mitigation/restoration, and environmental compliance auditing. ASA has completed recent projects pursuant to NEPA and well as NYSSEQR and NYC-CEQR. CASE STUDIES : NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ASA also has experience in management planning for natural resources. Habitat conservation, benefits valuation under CWA 316(b), biothermal assessment under CWA 316 (a), watershed management, endangered species conservation and ESA incidental take, lake & stream management. Recently, ASA completed a coastal resource assessment for Nassau County, NY as part of post-Super Storm Sandy impact assessment and climate change resiliency planning. CASE STUDIES : ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION & HABITAT ASSESSMENT ASA provides design and oversight services related to environmental restoration and enhancement activities. Specific areas of service include aquatic habitats, invasive species management, wetlands and shorelines, pre and post-monitoring plans, adaptive management plans, waterbodies and watersheds, fish passage and dam removal, and fisheries management. Increasingly, ASA has been at the forefront of restoration activities associated with small hydro FERC relicensing. CASE STUDIES : PERMITTING, LICENSING, & CONSULTATION CASE STUDIES :
ASA has extensive, nationally-recognized experience in a wide variety of environmental permitting issues for a number of regulatory agencies.

• CWA §316(a) & (b) Studies
• CWA §401 Water Quality Certifications
• CWA §404 Dredging & Filling
• Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7
• ESA Incidental Take Permits Section 10
• FERC hydropower licensing
• Coastal Zone Management
• Section 106 NHPA
• Essential Fish Habitat
ASA also has in-house capabilities to support our traditional §316(a) and (b) biological services on:

• BTA & conceptual cooling water design
• Intake screen alternatives analysis
• Variable speed pump feasibility
• Feasibility & cost evaluation (R10)
• Non-water quality impacts (R12)
• Cooling & wastewater discharge
• SPDES/NPDES compliance
• Effluent & mixing zone modelling
• Pilot testing
SUPPORT SERVICES ASA also has a variety of other service capabilities. These can be employed to support the work described above or as direct stand-alone services.

• Database development & management
• Study designs & statistical analysis
• Regulatory agency consultations
• Litigation support & expert witnessing
OUR DISCIPLINES Industry-Wide Support Services Environmental Assessment Natural Resource Management Environmental Restoration Permitting, Licensing, & Consultation Environmental Engineering
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Data Collection & Management Environmental Assessment Natural Resource Management Environmental Restoration Permitting, Licensing, & Consultation Environmental Engineering Industry-Wide Support Services

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