Environmental Impact Analysis for Proposed Pilgrim Pipeline

Environmental Impact Analysis for Proposed Pilgrim Pipeline

Project Description


Assist the NYS Thruway Authority with preparing a SEQR EIS for a right-of-way variance to site two parallel pipelines to transport Bakken crude oil and refined fuels along the NYS Thruway and Hudson River corridor between Albany, NY and refineries in NJ.


Working with the Authority and  its consulting engineering team, ASA conducted a detailed evaluation of the applicant’s proposal, including the Purpose and Need and Alternatives to the Proposed Action.  ASA assisted the Authority with preparation of EIS Scoping materials, coordination of scoping meetings, and formulation of a strategic approach for completion of the SEQR process.


Working with the Authority, ASA identified several technical as well as procedural challenges with the draft application and recommended steps to facilitate a SEQR review process that would achieve the regulatory requirements while anticipating robust public review and stakeholder engagement on the Draft EIS.